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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

10 Aromatherapy Oils To Avoid In Skin Care

Fragrance is a standard ingredient in most skin care and, with the ever growing popularity of natural, organic products, it is likely that natural fragrance from pure essential (aromatherapy) oils is the fragrance of choice. Most natural product producers avoid synthetic fragrances, however even though they are natural, one must be careful about which aromatherapy oils are going to be applied to the skin.

Aromatherapy oils, especially organic, can be very beneficial in terms of their positive action on the skin and their ability to promote a sense of psychological well-being. However most aromatherapy oils can be irritating, even chamomile or lavender, especially to sensitive skin types. That being said, we should not expect that every essential oil is going to be a skin irritant just because it is an essential oil - but we should have a healthy awareness.

Even in today's organic skin care product market we need to be aware that there are many 'natural' items containing highly irritating essential oils and the potential for such irritation is not going to be advertised, particularly if the irritation is not physically apparent. Peppermint is an example of this. This aromatherapy oil actually triggers an immune system response in the form of a deep inflammation reaction. Even though it feels like peppermint is soothing, it is not. One obvious side effect of peppermint in lip balms is that the user feels they need to continually re-apply in order to get relief from the 'dryness'. It is a dependency cycle of which most consumers of peppermint flavored lip balms are not aware.

Another example is with aromatherapy oils that smell so wonderful, the very thought that they could be irritating is too hard to believe. Yet one such oil comes to mind - Peru Balsam. Its vanilla-like aroma is exquisite, yet it is in fact a known strong skin irritant and should be avoided, especially for those with sensitive skin.

How does one know which essential oils are okay and which should never be applied to the body? Surely one shouldn't have to be an actual aromatherapist to enjoy the wonderful benefits of aromatherapy! Thankfully, in the majority of cases, appropriate aromatherapy oils are used in the right quantity so that the aromatic benefits far outweigh the risk of irritation.

For those who are very unfamiliar about aromatherapy however, the following is a list of some of the most irritating aromatherapy oils for the skin. (The list is by no means complete. There are literally thousands of aromatherapy oils and many that are potential irritants):

- Cinnamon,
- Citronella,
- Clove,
- Eucalyptus,
- Ginger,
- Lemon Balm (Balm Mint),
- Tolu Balsam (Peru Balsam),
- Peppermint,
- Pine,
- Thyme.

The irritation risk from just these few essential oils is extremely high, so they shouldn't be applied to the skin.

Something else to watch out for is if a natural product carton fails to list the actual aromatherapy oils included in the product (often times they have 'fragrance' and 'essential oils' but do not list the actual oils used in the fragrance component). If you don't know which aromatherapy oils are in the product, how are you going to know if you are exposing your skin to irritants?

If, after trial and error, you do find that aromatherapy oils are irritating, resist the temptation to use them and opt for unscented products. You can still enjoy aromatherapy oils in vapor steamers or for scenting your home!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Men’S Sneakers

Fashion is not only for women and kids it has also become style symbol for one and all men. To buy men’s clothes has become a critical job. You need to know the perfect choice and the attitude and the occasion for an outfit which matches every style and moods of the person concerned. Now, although the clothes trouble is over it comes to the matching shoes to wear that would make the outfit 100% perfect. Since, we have to choose from numerous types, it’s become really hard. Sneakers for men have come into fashion and really match well with casual outfit.

Shopping is definitely an art and is not everyone\'s cup of tea. Today, the market is flooded with a commendably fabulous variety of trendy and fashionable sneakers for men and making the right choice is a real cumbersome job, which requires a complete understanding. Nowadays it is tough to keep up with the best sneaker designs being produced by both major and small-time sneaker companies. There is a variety with a difference, specially made for specific activities. The men fashion sneakers are hassle free, a great comfort to wear and just ideal for that sporty look.

Men often spend a lot of time in jeans, paired with sneakers they\'re actually ideal for wearing with jeans. But denim is versatile, and there are so many other styles of men\'s shoes to choose from. The same pair of jeans can take on an entirely different look depending on what shoes they\'re paired with. While it\'s always safe to go with a classic white trainer, it\'s more interesting and fashion-forward to try a retro, skate, or European-styled sneaker. Many men won\'t part with his favorite sneakers; there are others who won\'t wear anything but boots. The only thing is to choose the right pair of sneakers with either trousers or denim.

Sneakers are made from a variety of materials including denim, canvas and the increasingly popular synthetic fiber-based materials. These allow your feet to feel better than the traditional canvas sneaker also support your arches and heels. Retro style sneakers are quite the rage these days and most sports brands have a range of retro-style sneakers in different materials on offer. Sneakers meant for high-impact sports like basketball and lawn tennis usually have enhanced heel and arch supports to minimize the impacts of heavy steps.

For sporting activities there are distinctive types of sports man sneakers depending upon the sport you are engaged into. For tennis, tennis sneakers, meant not for all time activities but which are specially designed to be worn at the tennis court. Likewise for football shoes, basketball shoes, hiking and skate sneakers etc. Other than sports sneakers you have a pair of cross trainer which can be attired while walking, running and jogging. They provide your feet with the necessary support and cushion effect and thus take care of your feet health. They are specially made shoes, just apt for your toes. Ill-fitting shoes can be cause of many problems like disrupted walking style, limping, ankle sprains etc so do not compromise with fit and comfort.

Office environments are changing. It used to be that a suit and tie were requirements on the job. Many sneaker brands have taken into account this change in the corporate world. The days of dressing up for work have become a thing of the past within some company settings. The corporate world is readjusting itself towards making the work environment more employee-friendly and creative working environments. In keeping up with the times, many companies are adapting more casual dress codes within their offices. Many sneaker brands have adapted styles that blend seamlessly into a more \'business casual\' workplace. So what if your office does permit a business casual dress environment? Where should you hunt for the perfect dress sneaker to go with your wardrobe?

To be a smart sneaker shopper, you first have to know the basics. First, you should know the purpose the sneakers you have in mind will serve. This will help narrow the endless sea of options in sneaker world. Second, know how to balance your wardrobe for a cool look. Once you know the purpose of your shoe and the style that is you, the rest is easy. And third, make sure you are buying what you assume you are paying for. Instead of spending hours on the net or flipping through magazines trying to figure what\'s hot and what\'s not, the homework is done for you here. You can buy the sneakers from a store near you or even online. It may be a good idea to first visit a store and figure out the right sneaker based on activity, choice and fit. Decide the cost, the material and the style that are right for you. Most men go out and buy the first pair of sneakers from the first sports store that they encounter. Make sure the sneakers are suited to the activity that you plan on using them for. You can buy sneakers for running, hiking, outdoor trekking and even for cycling.

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