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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

How to Keep Bedroom Furniture Really Clean

What is best for different types of furniture?

Having spent time, money and effort in setting up and choosing your bedroom furniture it is important to keep it clean and sparkling and to the condition in which you first got it. There are many ways to clean furniture such as dusting, waxing, polishing, so which is best for which type of furniture?


Dusting your bedroom furniture is extremely important which should be carried out everyday. It gets rid of the airborne deposits on the furniture and the furniture will look newer for longer if you dust and eliminate these deposits on a daily basis. You can use a soft cloth an damp it a little if you wish however feather dusters are the best for your furniture.

Cleaning products for the right surfaces

Using all purpose cleaning products on all surfaces isn’t good for your furniture unless the furniture has a plastic outer cover. Never use water on wood furniture. To clean your wood furniture wash your cloth in a bucket of soapy water, wring the cloth get rid of any excess water, clean the furniture and then immediately after wipe down the furniture so it is dry.


Waxing your furniture is a good idea as it gives it a hard finish and lasts longer than polish or spray. To apply was you need to do it in small doses and light coats. Putting on too much all at once leaves streaks and a hazy appearance.

Read the instructions

Nearly all furniture you buy today comes with cleaning advice and tips on what to use for your new furniture. A lot of shops and supermarkets sell cleaning products for specific surfaces as they have different strengths and if used on the wrong surface can damage the furniture


Harshajyoti Das said...

It's very important to keep Bedroom furniture clean for a healthy and positive environment. You have give a wonderful blog post to be honest. I would say that interior designing should also be given some stress so as to make it work more.

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Women's Glasses said...

Your bedroom is a place that needs to be relaxing and perfectly suited to your taste. Once you have chosen the furniture for your bedroom you are stuck with it for at least a year or two and so be sure you like it!