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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Umbrellas Are Protecting the World

A good beach umbrella not only provides protection from the sun and
wind but also gives brisk shade with a feeling of coolness. If you are
going to shop for one of this type, then there are various features
that you should take into consideration before buying an umbrella for
any purpose.

The first thing one should judge about an umbrella is regarding the
size and weight of the umbrella. They should be light in mass and
bulky in dimension. It must fit into the size of the car properly.
Also it should be light enough to enable you to carry it from the
place of parking of the car to the beach. The next factor is the main
one, shelter from the sun. The Sun Protection Factor or SPF rates
beach umbrellas as like as the sunscreen products are done. Again
these types of umbrellas are basically of two categories. They are the
sun screening and the sun blocking ones. There are different ratings
specified for these two types. While the sun screening categories of
umbrellas are rated in between 35-50 SPF the other category which is
called the sun blocking one is rated usually at 100 or even more.

After that comes the size factor. Size of umbrellas do really matter a
lot and specially is directly related to the age and size of the
person who would be using the umbrella. A majority of the umbrellas
that are meant to be used in the beaches are normally of 6 feet
diameter wise. Well they range usually to 9 feet. But then it is
observed that these 9 feet ones are a little bit awkward to handle.

Other than that there are also many additional features associated
with some umbrellas. They can be tilted and vented. The materials,
which make an umbrella, are the polyester and the steel or fiberglass.
Canopy and the pole are the main parts of the umbrella. Polyester
helps to build the canopy part and the steel builds up the pole part.
Besides this a sand anchor and an umbrella hook will turn out to be
more beneficial to you.


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